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Winter Warrior Half Recap — January 9, 2017

Winter Warrior Half Recap

It’s going to be long. Summation: holy crap it was cold but got it done.

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Looking forward at 2017 — January 6, 2017

Looking forward at 2017

2017 has a theme:  the half marathon.

Last year, I wanted to do this, but couldn’t get the money together in time.  This year, I made it happen:  The Fleet Feet/Yellow Jacket 4 Season Challenge, 4 half marathons throughout the year, one in each season.  The first is tomorrow, the Winter Warrior.  The Spring half will be the Flower City Half, which will be my third year running it, in April.  The Shoreline Half will be next, in July.  Finally, the Rochester Half in September will close out the series.

For good measure, I plan to run the Grand Slam at RWF2017 as well, bringing the total to 5 half marathons for 2017, and 9 overall.

In addition to the 4 season challenge, and RWF in October, I am also taking on a very special challenge and opportunity.  The first Sunday of May, I will be joining the Low and Slow Team (LAST), as part of Team Determination (DNation), and will be running the 10 mile Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, PA.  LAST and DNation are teams put together by the American Cancer Society, and as you might expect, my race entry has a required donation level in order to participate.  This is something that is very near and dear to my heart, having seen family and friends battle this awful disease.

If you would like more information, or you would like to make a donation, please visit my fundraiser page.  Every little bit helps, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  If you have a friend or family member that you would like me to run for, either in honor of those that won their battle against cancer, or in memory of someone that fought with everything they had to the end, please don’t hesitate to share their names with me, and I will gladly carry them with me on a ribbon pinned to me.

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Susan’s Story — January 5, 2017
RWF 2016 —
Taking on “The Challenge” — November 21, 2016

Taking on “The Challenge”

In 2015, I registered to run the 18.12 Challenge. Being the glutton for punishment that I am, I opted for the 18.12 mile option over the standard 13.1 miles. Sadly, a strained Achilles during the summer sidelined my training, and I was unable to run it. It was my first did not start (DNS), and although I know it was the right decision, it was a difficult one to make.

When registration opened this year, I jumped on it.  Fortunately my training through the summer went MUCH better than last year, and I was able to toe the line of the 18.12, now in its 5th year.

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Catching up, August Tri —

Catching up, August Tri

A lot has happened since I’ve last posted, and I’ll most likely break it all up into multiple posts, for clarity sake.

The first big thing that happened:  I completed my first triathlon!  My sister put the bug in my ear about it last year, and I was all about it.  The idea quieted down for a while until she brought it up again early this year, and by that point I was all in and had basically decided I was going to do it whether she decided to or not.  It was a humbling, yet awesome experience.

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